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The Black Organization's 10 Million Dollar Robbery

Conan, Ran, and Kogoro run into Akemi Miyano at a bank, and a bank robbery consequently occurs. The severity of it is amplified when they find out that the Black Organization is involved.

The woman from the black organization (Part 1)

New student Ai Haibara arrives at Teitan Elementary, and joins the Detective Boys on their mystery solving adventures. The Detective Boys also investigate their classmate Tristan's missing older brother.

The woman from the black organization (Part 2)

The Detective Boys continue their search for their classmate Tristan's older brother, when Ai Haibara reveals to Conan that she's not the girl everyone thought she was.

The woman from the black organization (Part 3)

Conan, Ai, and Professor Agasa visit Akemi's professor, when he was murdered upon arrival. On top of that, the Black Organization seems to be involved, trying to cover their tracks.

The Blind spot in the darkness

Conan, Ran, and Kogoro meet Doctor Tomoaki Araide, the new school nurse and basketball coach. An unfortunate death unfolds among the Araide family, and it's up to Conan to solve it.

reunion with the black organization (Part 1)

An ominous encounter with the Black Organization leads Conan and Ai to tail Gin and Vodka, and foil their plans at the Haido City Hotel.

reunion with the black organization (Part 2)

Conan and Ai continue their investigation at the Haido City Hotel, when an Organization member, code-named Pisco, murders and attending guest. Haibara is left in danger, and her and Conan must find a way to escape the hands of the men in black.

reunion with the black organization (Part 3)

A regrown Shiho (Ai) escapes the Haido City Hotel, but encounters Gin on the rooftop for an epic showdown. They must escape without falling into the hands of Gin or Pisco, whilst obtaining sufficient leads. A suspicious third eye seems to be observing the situation.

The desperate Revival - the cavern of the detective boys

The Detective Boys venture into a cave where they encounter murderers that fatally injure Conan. Escape seems impossible as they are forced deeper into the cavern.

The desperate Revival - the wounded great detective

After the police intervene with the Detective Boys' dilemma, a wounded Conan is rushed to the hospital in hopes of saving his life. Ran seems sure of Conan's true identity.

The desperate Revival - the third choice

Haibara presents three options to cover Conan's slip-up. Ran and Sonoko put on a mock Shakespeare play, when several unexpected guests seem to be present. The play is turned on its head when a murder erupts in the audience.

The desperate Revival - the black cloaked knight

The act is over when the Black Cloaked Knight comes forth as a familiar face, and deduces who murdered the late Mazuda Kamata.

The desperate Revival - Shinichi's return

Shinichi, now a teenager again, returns to his normal school life, and asks Ran on a date, claiming he has something to tell her. All is well until a business man is shot in an elevator.

The desperate Revival - the promised place

A teenage Shinichi works with the Tokyo Police to uncover the truth behind the murder at Beika Central Tower. Shinichi must return to his date, but time is running out.